The Broken Era
Sarah Anne Stinnet

When feeling depressed I paint recklessly.
Iridescent havoc explodes upon
my canvas, a squinched orange or tomato
perhaps vermillion, I stab the fruit.
I break the fruit. Now perpetually
pungent I punish the fruit. It does not
struggle, my vexation overpowers.

At night in sleep the ocean beckons to
my tears, Come home. Come to rest my brothers.I do not protest, freely they paddle
journeying back, down my cheek to the sea.

Then I paint big buildings with the lights on.
Big and bright and square and the lights are on.
Cut in half, as sandwiches, are they plunge
not yet smashed or squelched, static in midair
before the boom and the lights are all on.
Obliterating a world I create
I play God with fusions of rouge and blue.

Inextricable struggles consume my
acrylic nightmares. Tomorrow I’ll paint
a ship, capsizing. The sea is it’s tears.
Next, a girl with her eyes closed. Seemingly
untainted I’ve painted myself with no damage.
For now I’ve realized, I am the broken.

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