Lisa Zaran

I'm in love with the sky of course
and the way the moon seems to flirt
with each star, individually.
I love the sky over Germany.
It aches just knowing I'm here
where footsteps of yours passed through
what, centuries ago?  But, that's the magic
isn't it.  I love the soul of Germany.

Where do the women go, I wonder,
as I am the only female walking this road. 
This road would be impossible to paint,
the snow and the leaves keep moving, shifting positions
and I am such a lazy American, impossibly
smiling at a sky made of marble.  A divinity
of stars winking away as if to say:  our lives
are not dismal.  See how we shine.
I love the heart of Germany.

Night is the refuge, where Germany might
hold its breath and I beneath her calm, bright
sky might die a little.  I love every torment
of yours, little Germany.

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